Rural Development

Health and Sanitation

Since the beginnings of its work, IIRD has identified Health and Sanitation as a serious area to be addressed in order to improve living standards of rural people in India. IIRD aims to create awareness and develop the necessary infrastructure to provide people with healthy and sanitary living conditions.

We pursue this goal by providing training sessions and implementing projects and awareness campaigns on sewage treatment, waste and water management, water related diseases prevention and treatment, personal hygienic habits, etc.

Besides acting as an implementing agency, IIRD has been playing an important role as a nodal and consulting agency for governmental and non-governmental institutions by approaching, supporting and engaging the various stakeholders.

By providing access to a safe and adequate water supply and sanitation; training in the improvement of hygiene habits; and training the community to maintain its improved water supply and sanitation facilities through community participation, IIRD has been able to make that much required difference in reduction of water-borne diseases in its areas of intervention.


To increase rural people’s access to health services and sanitation providing the infrastructure, know-how and information needed, by creating infrastructure, raising awareness, developing sense of responsibility, building capacity and engaging the stakeholders. 

Program Area and Time Supporting Agency No of lives affected (approx)
Rural Sanitation Program All over Rajasthan 1994- 1997 Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Department (RDPR), Government of Rajasthan Awareness and training for all NGOs in Rajasthan
Control of Diarrhea Diseases, Water and Sanitation (CDD Watsan) Alwar District, Rajasthan , 1998- 1999 UNICEF  723 families benefitted under CDD watsan project in Ramgarh&Laxmangarh block
Child’s Environment: Sanitation Hygiene & Water Supply Project Alwar District, Rajasthan, 1999- 2000 UNICEF  429 families benefitted under this scheme
Sector Reform Project Alwar District, Rajasthan, 2000- 2002 UNICEF, Government of Rajasthan  650 families benefitted
Integrated Water, Environment and   Sanitation Programme (IWES) Alwar and Tonk (Rajasthan) 2000-2006 UNICEF 41.151 Households in 264 villages benefited
Aanchal se AanganTak Jhalrapatan and Khanpur in Jhalawar (Rajasthan, 2006- 2007 UNICEF, Government of India 650 families covered in two blocks
Gram Shakti Toda Raisingh Block in Tonk district, 2009 UNICEF About 31 Gram Panchayats, 138 villages and population of 112642
Behaviour Change &Communication Niwai and Tonk, 2010 UNICEF 1296 people benefited in Tonk, about 860 people benefited in Niwai
Construction of health club 2010-2012 MLALAD Jhalawar Community benefitted of Jhalawar district
Construction of toilets 2010-2012 FINISH